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Your Chrysler outboard is getting pretty old, so where can you find genuine Chrysler marine parts to service and repair such a vintage motor? Right here at is where! We stock the largest supply of OEM Chrysler outboard motor parts and offer them to you a deeply discounted prices. We back our OEM Chrysler parts with an unbeatable price match guarantee so you know you're paying the lowest price possible at You can also search for Chrysler outboard parts by year.

OEM Chrysler Outboard Parts

People ask us if our OEM Chrysler outboard parts are really genuine Chrysler parts and the answer is yes. The Chrysler outboard business was sold off during the mid 1980s and eventually acquired by Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick also owned the Mercury outboard brand and since that time the Mercury factory has been producing genuine OEM Chrysler outboard parts to the precise standards and specifications of the original Chrysler plant. When you shop for OEM Chrysler outboard parts at you get genuine OEM Chrysler parts.

Are Chrysler and Force the Same?

Since it started producing outboard motors in the 1960's the original Chrysler marine division has been owned by a couple of parent companies. These changes in ownership led to brand name changes and question among outboard owners as to whether Chrysler and Force are the same brand. The Chrysler marine division was sold to Bayliner in 1983, with the engines being renamed Force, although people also refer to them as Chrysler Force. The company was then bought by Brunswick Corporation (owner of the Mercury brand) in 1886. Brunswick retired the Force brand name in 1999 but Mercury continues to manufacture OEM Chrysler outboard motor parts and Force outboard motor parts. So, as you can see Chrysler outboards and Force outboards are essentially the same brand that has evolved over time. The brand names have changed but the tradition still exists under the name of Mercury Marine today.