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If you're looking for Mercury outboard parts, has deep discounts on Mercury and Mariner outboard parts that are the right fit for your engine. When you shop at, enjoy discounts up to 80 percent off retail on everything you need to get out on the water. Here you'll find the OEM outboard parts you need for your Mercury and Mariner outboard engines. You can also find engines sorted by their displacement in liters. Starting with the smallest horsepower engines all the way to 400 HP, and two-liter engines up to 3.4-liter engines, we've got everything you need here.

How To Find A Mercury Outboard Serial Number

On the right-hand side of the motor, you'll find a white label. Its location may vary slightly from model to model, but because of its color it will be easy to find. On the top line, you'll find the model number of the motor. Below that, the serial number, and below that you'll see fields for other vitals on your engine, including HP for horsepower.

Using Mercury Outboard Parts Diagrams

Find your Mercury and Mariner outboard motor parts here in our exploded diagrams, where you'll see the parts you need and see how they all fit together. Once you click on the correct horsepower for your engine, you'll see diagrams for every component of your outboard. From there, just click to add the parts to your cart. And remember to bookmark the diagrams, they can be a valuable tool when you're putting your engine back together again.

Do I need Mariner or Mercury Outboard Parts?

Mercury and Mariner outboard engines are essentially the same powerplants under two different nameplates. The name brand Mariner originated in Australia but through a couple of business transactions fell under the Mercury umbrella. Now, Mercury operates Mariner and the two brands are distinguished by application. Mariner is geared for fishing, Mercury is geared toward leisure boating. But when it comes to the parts, these engines share the same DNA and the same parts.