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OEM Mariner Outboard Parts & Diagrams

So do you just need a part or two or do you need a whole bunch of everything? Our exploded diagrams make it easy for you to find your Mariner outboard motor parts. Just click on your year and then click to see the parts where you're working on your outboard. And we're here to help if you're stumped. Our customer service team can be reached by the live chat here on the site and over the phone so we can get you the Mariner parts you need.

What Year Is My Mariner Outboard?

Knowing how to find out what year your Mariner outboard is will be crucial to this whole process. On the right side of the engine you'll find the white label. On the top line is the model number, underneath that is the serial number. Below that is some other fields that can tell you other things about your motor like horsepower. And on the bottom right of the label is a two-digit number that tells you what year Mariner outboard motor is.

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