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Mercury Outboard Part Diagrams

Our exploded Mercury outboard parts diagrams make it easy to find the parts you need. You can locate all of your parts and see how they all fit together, which can be a big help when you get ready to work on your outboard. And if you can't find the parts you need, our team at is here to help. Just use the chat function here on the site or give us a call and let our customer service team give you a hand.

What Year Is My Mercury Outboard?

Your Mercury outboard engine includes a label that will tell you everything you need to know about your outboard so that you can find the right parts. On the right side of your motor, you'll find a white label. Its exact location will vary from model to model, but it will stand out. On it, you'll see the model number on the top line and the serial number underneath. Below the serial number, you'll see more fields with more information about your motor. In the bottom right of the label, you'll see a two-digit number. That's how to find the model year of your Mercury outboard. You can also shop thousands of Mercury outboard parts by HP.

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