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Looking for 1976 MerCruiser parts? We got 'em! carries hundreds of MerCruiser sterndrive parts to fix whatever ails your vessel. Whether you are handling a quick service or rebuilding from the hull up, we have the necessary components to get it handled at up to 80% off MSRP. Combine that with free shipping on qualified orders and you are saving money hand over fist every day.

Click through our online sterndrive parts diagram and locate what you need to get that motor running smooth. From drive shafts to valves to cylinder heads, you can get everything shipped to your door. You can sit in your comfy chair, order what you need and when they arrive, fix your boat on your schedule. No need to waste your time hauling that boat to a dealer. You got this!

Our customer service team is ready to help locate the parts you need and customize your order for you. Contact us at anytime for assistance getting back on the water by email, phone or Facebook!