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Let's face it Nissan stopped producing outboards in 2014 so your Nissan motor is starting to get on in life, even if it was one of the last models ever to roll off the production line. And if your Nissan outboard dates back to the 1990s or 1980s, well it's definitely getting long in the tooth. At best your old Nissan outboard needs a thorough service and tune-up, at worst your old Nissan isn't even running and is in need of serious repairs. But where are you going to find Nissan outboard parts for motors that haven't been made in years? Right here at is where and we have thousands and thousands of genuine Nissan marine parts in stock.

Are Nissan Outboards and Tohatsu Outboards the Same?

Many people ask if Nissan and Tohatsu outboards are the same and the answer is yes. Nissan Marine was founded in 1984 and from that time onwards every single Nissan marine outboard was manufactured by Tohatsu and rebadged as a Nissan. Nissan outboards and Tohatsu outboards that shared the same model number were identical in every way and used exactly the same parts with the exception of the engine covers which said "Nissan" on one and "Tohatsu" on the other. For example the Nissan NSF25B and the Tohatsu MFS25B are identical twins, sharing identical parts and components. You could take the Nissan 25 HP outboard parts and fit them seamlessly into the Tohatsu 25 HP motor, and vice versa.