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If you are in need of Suzuki outboard motor parts you've come to the best possible place. is the leading online supplier of Suzuki marine parts and accessories. As an authorized Suzuki parts retailer we stock thousands of genuine Suzuki outboard parts by year from 1977 to 2011 and up until the present day.

Finding OEM Suzuki Outboard Parts By Year

Suzuki has produced many different outboards over the years but finding the parts for your particular outboard is simple at With just a couple of clicks of your mouse you'll be in touch with the OEM Suzuki parts that match your motor.

First click on the year your outboard was manufactured from the list on this page. If you don't know your motor's year of manufacture it can be found on the manufacturer's plate attached to transom clamp bracket. To determine the year of manufacture from the plate use the Outboard Model Identification chart also found on this page. Once you've clicked on your outboard's year you will need to click on its model number. The model number is also on the plate on the transom clamp. Having selected the right model number you will be taken to the Suzuki outboard parts page specifically for your motor, where you will find the parts divided into component groups with exploded parts diagrams to help you find the precise parts you need. It's that easy, but if you ever need help use the Live Chat button at the top of any page on our website, or give us a call.

Why Use OEM Suzuki Marine Parts?

The most important part of any maintenance or repair work is the parts. If the parts don't fit, the job won't get done, and if the parts aren't of a sufficient quality they'll wear out and soon need replacing again. With OEM Suzuki marine parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer parts) you know the part has been manufactured to Suzuki's exacting standards and will being reliability and longevity to your outboard. You also know the parts will be a perfect fit, which is something you hope for with aftermarket parts, but don't always get.

If you want to ensure your Suzuki outboard will be as reliable as possible and always performs at its peak, make sure you fit genuine OEM Suzuki outboard parts every time it is in need of a service or repair.