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If you've managed to keep your 1979 Suzuki outboard running for all these years then you obviously know how to look after it and you've been maintaining it meticulously. You know what you're doing so you can skip this and continue on to browsing our website for replacement Suzuki outboard parts. If however your 1979 Suzuki outboard hasn't run for years which is more likely then you'd better pay attention, because together we can restore your vintage outboard to its former glory and get it running again like a champ.

Vintage outboards are much less complex than their modern counterparts, which means they are much easier to work on. With a few basic tools and some replacement parts you should be able to have your 1979 outboard up and running again without too much trouble. If you supply the tools we can supply you with all the Suzuki outboard motor parts you'll need to breathe life back into your Suzuki motor. We carry the largest stock of OEM Suzuki marine parts and accessories at wickedly discounted prices. Click on your outboard's year and model number on our website to find hundreds of genuine OEM Suzuki parts that will be a perfect fit for your outboard. What are you waiting for? Start stocking up on 1979 Suzuki outboard parts now!