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Your 1982 Suzuki outboard is almost an antique compared to most outboard motors in use today. That you've managed to keep it running for so many years is a credit to you, but there's no getting away from the fact that it needs more frequent service than it used to. When servicing your old outboard you have one question you need to ask yourself: will you fit aftermarket parts to save a bit of money, or will you fit OEM Suzuki parts? Of course it's entirely up to you, but remember that with genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts you get the manufacturing quality of the Suzuki factory and with it exceptional reliability and the assurance that the parts will be a fit your outboard perfectly. Aftermarket parts don't have the build quality of OEM so they'll wear out sooner and need to be replaced more frequently. They also might not be a good fit, which will put additional fatigue on the other mechanical components. From a compatibility and reliability point of view OEM Suzuki marine parts are the only option, and if you buy them from they are probably the better financial option too because we e discount all our OEM Suzuki parts up to 80% below MSRP. At these prices our OEM parts are probably cheaper than the aftermarket alternatives you thought you were saving money with!

We stock thousands of genuine 1982 Suzuki outboard parts. Just click on your outboard's model from the above lit and you'll find hundreds of OEM Suzuki motor parts for that exact motor.