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Do you need to buy some replacement parts for your old Suzuki outboard but you don't know it's model number or the year it was manufactured? You'll need that information to be sure you're buying part that are a match for and will fit your outboard. Don't sweat it, let us show you how to find your Suzuki's year and model number...

There is an identification plate attached to the motor mount bracket, usually on the right hand side. The plate has the outboard's model number stamped at the top and below it you'll find the prefix and serial numbers. The model number is self-explanatory, but to find the year of manufacture you'll need to compare the last digit(s) of the serial number with the Suzuki Outboard Model Identification chart on this page of our website. Cross-referencing the two you will see the year your outboard was manufactured. Job done!

Now you have the model number and year you can use them to find the Suzuki outboard motor parts that match your engine. You've reached the 1983 outboards page so click on your model from the above list. Doing so will take you to the OEM Suzuki marine parts page for your exact outboard model where you'll find hundreds of 1983 Suzuki outboard parts.