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Suzuki has made a lot of different outboards over the years, which can make buying replacement parts a bit tricky, especially for older models. The main problem is that unless you get the parts specifically made for your particular outboard, there's a good chance they won't be compatible and won't fit. Some outboards may share a few common parts, but most parts will be specific to a particular motor. Before you start buying parts you need to make sure of your outboard's year. To do this look for the identification plate on the motor mount bracket. The ID plate has a serial number stamped at the bottom, note down the serial number and compare it to the Suzuki Outboard Model Identification chart on this page to establish the year of manufacture. Once you've done that you can find the outboard's model number on the ID plate. Now you know the precise model number and year of manufacture you can buy the Suzuki outboard motor parts that will fit that motor perfectly.

The page you are on right now is for Suzuki outboards manufactured in 1986. Click on your model number and you'll be taken to the 1986 Suzuki outboard parts page for that model. From there you'll be able to browse hundreds of OEM Suzuki marine parts and accessories that you know will match your outboard.