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Need new parts for our outboard but not sure what year your old Suzuki motor hails from or what model it is? Not a problem, let's work the solution shall we? The first thing you'll need to do is find the stamped manufacturer identification plate attached to motor mount bracket. The plate shows the model number at the top and the prefix and serial number below that. The model number is self-explanatory, so now you know your outboard's exact model number, but what about the year of manufacture? To determine that you'll need to compare the last digit(s) of the serial number to the Suzuki Outboard Model Identification chart on this page of our website. With that done we should now know the year your outboard was made and its model number, which means you can now start shopping for the OEM Suzuki marine parts and accessories that match that precise motor.

If your outboard was manufactured in 1988 you're in the right place, but if it was made in a different year go back to the main Suzuki outboard page and select the correct year. As you can see we have listed every Suzuki outboard produced in 1988 on this page and all you have to do is select yours to be taken to the Suzuki outboard motor parts page for that exact model. Shopping for 1988 Suzuki outboard parts has never been simpler!