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Never worked on an outboard motor before? To be perfectly honest it's really very easy and that old 1991 Suzuki outboard at the back of your garage is an ideal motor to practice your new skills. Unlike the engine in your car or truck, which is surrounded by bodywork and extremely difficult to get to, with just a couple of clips or screws you can remove your outboard's engine covers and have complete access to it.

Now that the covers are off it's time to get to work. With a few basic tools, a Suzuki outboard manual and some OEM Suzuki marine parts you won't have any trouble identifying, removing and replacing the various parts that are essential for making your outboard run. Some new spark plugs, a fuel filter, fresh engine oils and lubes and a set of electrical fuses may be all your old 1991 outboard need, but even if it requires something a bit more intensive such as a new water pump, replacing it is well within your skill set. has helped thousands of boat owners just like you repair and restore their old outboards with our huge stock of genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts. Browse our online catalog today to find the OEM parts you need to get your outboard running again. You won't find 1991 Suzuki outboard parts for less anywhere else!