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Your 1993 Suzuki outboard is getting on in years and has reached the age where regular maintenance is essential if you want it to continue to operate at its best. Luckily working on old outboard motors is a lot easier than working on an old car or truck engine. By removing a couple of screws or clips you'll have the engine covers off and be able to reach every inch of the motor beneath. It's so much more convenient than laying on your back under your automobile trying to reach around the chassis, fenders and axles to get to the part that needs replacing. Older outboards also come with fewer gizmos such as fuel injection or electric starters. Even people who are inexperienced at working with mechanical components will find working on an old outboard simple and straightforward. All you need is a bit of time to spare, some basic tools and the replacement parts. You'll have to supply the time and the tools, but can certainly take care of the replacement Suzuki outboard motor parts.

We stock thousands of genuine OEM Suzuki marine parts for all years and models of Suzuki outboards, including your 1993 motor. Select your outboard's model from the list on this page to be taken to the parts page specifically for that unit. You'll see we discount all our OEM 1993 Suzuki outboard parts up to 80% below retail, so start shopping and start saving!