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Your 1994 Suzuki outboard has reached the age where it will need a bit more hands-on care and attention than it once did. If you want it to run reliably you're going to have to service it regularly and change out any worn parts as soon as you find them. The upside is that spending a few hours at the weekend working on your outboard is a great way to unwind, and working on an old outboard is dead easy to do. Just take off the engine's covers and you can get to every nut, bolt, hose and clip effortlessly. It's so much simpler than laying on our back under your truck's engine!

Finding replacement parts for your outboard is also easy at Click on your motor's year and model number to be taken to the Suzuki outboard motor parts page where you can browse hundreds of OEM Suzuki parts for that exact outboard model. You can use the exploded parts diagrams to narrow down your search and once the parts you need are in your cart and your payment completed. We'll ship your order directly to your door. All our OEM Suzuki marine parts are deeply discounted and come with an unbeatable price match guarantee! Shop for 1994 Suzuki outboard parts now and start saving.