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Your 1997 Suzuki outboard is getting on in years and parts are beginning to wear out. When replacing them you have one question to ask yourself: will you fit OEM Suzuki parts or aftermarket parts in an attempt to save money? Of course the choice is entirely yours, but bear in mind that with OEM parts you get the build quality of the Suzuki factory that brings with it exceptional reliability as well as ensuring the parts will be a perfect fit. Aftermarket parts don't have the longevity, will need to be replaced more often and may not provide a good fit, which will put added fatigue on other mechanical parts. From a compatibility and reliability point of view OEM Suzuki outboard parts are a far better option, and if you buy them from they may be the better financial option too. We discount all our OEM Suzuki marine parts up to 80% below retail, so you can often find OEM parts on our website for less than the aftermarket alternatives!

We carry OEM parts for Suzuki outboards of all ages, including the 1997 Suzuki outboard parts you will find from this page. Just click on your outboard's model and you'll find hundreds of OEM Suzuki motor parts for that particular unit.