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Even the smallest part in your Suzuki could be the difference between it performing at its maximum all day long or failing to start at all. As with any motor your outboard is only as strong as it's weakest component and when that component breaks it can cause a complete motor failure. So how do you guard against component failures in your outboard? By always fitting OEM Suzuki outboard parts at every service or repair. Genuine Suzuki OEM parts are manufactured by the Suzuki factory to exacting specifications. They have the reliability and durability that aftermarket parts can only dream of and will last far longer. They are also guaranteed to fit your outboard perfectly, which puts less stress on other mechanical parts and minimizes the chances those other parts will fail. is the #1 supplier of genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts. We stock thousands of OEM Suzuki parts for outboards of all years including 1998 Suzuki outboard parts for all the models listed on this page. Click on your outboard's model number to go to the parts page specifically for your outboard motor, where you can browse hundreds of OEM parts and use the exploded Suzuki parts diagrams to pinpoint the replacement parts you need. is the best place to be when you need genuine OEM Suzuki marine parts at rock bottom prices.