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Working on a Suzuki outboard motor is relatively straightforward, it's finding the right parts to fit your exact model that can be the problematic part. A couple of screws or clips and you've removed the outboard's engine cover in a matter of seconds, leaving the motor accessible from all angles. It's much easier than working on your car or truck where the bodywork can make changing oil filters and spark plugs a nightmare. However, getting hold of new OEM Suzuki marine parts for your Suzuki outboard is where the games begin.

You'll need the outboard's year of manufacture and its model number before you buy any new Suzuki parts. These are stamped on a plate fixed to the transom clamp bracket, with the model number at the top and the prefix and serial number at the bottom. The model number is obvious, but where's the year of manufacture? Well the last digit(s) of the serial number are Suzuki's code for the outboard's year. You'll need to note the serial number and compare it to the Outboard Model Identification chart on this page. Now you know the model and year of manufacture you can select them on our site and you'll find yourself at the appropriate Suzuki outboard motor parts page. Once there stock up on all the 2000 Suzuki outboard parts you need, safe in the knowledge that they will fit your outboard perfectly.