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Finding replacement part for your Suzuki outboard can be a challenge. It's vital the parts are compatible with your outboard's model number and year of manufacture or they won't fit. But knowing just what year and model your outboard actually is can be the stumbling point thanks to Suzuki's unique method of identifying its outboards.

To determine the year your outboard was manufactured and its model number you'll need to find the manufacturer's plate affixed to the transom mount bracket. The plate is stamped with the model number at the top and the prefix and serial number below it. The model number is self-evident, but to determine the year of manufacture you'll need to compare the serial number to the Outboard Model Identification chart on this page of our website. The last digit(s) of the serial number denote the year and you will need to note the serial number down and compare it to the Outboard Model Identification chart on this page. This will tell you your outboard's year of manufacture.

Now you know your outboard's year and model you can select them on our website to be taken to the Suzuki outboard motor parts page that matches your outboard. Now you know you'll be buying genuine 2002 Suzuki outboard parts that specifically made for your motor.