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At we know our customers want the right OEM parts to fit their outboards and they want to pay the lowest price possible. We listened to those wants and discounted all our OEM Suzuki marine parts and made finding the right OEM parts for any particular outboard easy. No wonder our customers are so happy and keep coming back, which has led to us fulfilling over 3 million orders and counting!

To find the OEM that match your outboard you'll need to know the model number. This can be found on the plate fixed to the motor mount bracket, which is usually on the right hand side. The plate shows the model number to the top right and the prefix and serial number below. It's a good idea to note these numbers down and keep them for future reference. Now you know the model number you can select it from the list on this page to be taken to the correct Suzuki parts page and from there you will find hundreds of genuine Suzuki OEM parts for your outboard model.

As mentioned earlier, we heavily discount all our OEM Suzuki outboard motor parts and you'll see these prices in the various parts lists. Our price match guarantee on all our OEM parts ensures you won't find 2003 Suzuki outboard parts for less anywhere else!