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Every model of Suzuki outboard motor differs slightly from the next. Not every outboard shares the same parts with similar models and even motors that are the same size and manufactured in the same year will have different parts. For example the 2005 Suzuki DF140 outboard could be built as standard rotation or counter-rotational, so many of the parts will differ between the two models. Unsurprisingly it is extremely important when buying replacement parts to be sure the parts will be compatible with your outboard, but with so many different outboard models to choose from finding the right parts can be a challenge.

Not so with We have carefully listed every outboard Suzuki manufactured each year and grouped together all the parts for that precise motor under each one. Simply select your outboard's model number form the list on this page and you'll be taken to the corresponding Suzuki outboard motor parts page where you'll find all the replacement parts for that exact model. Once there take advantage of the huge discounts we apply to all our OEM Suzuki marine parts. We also offer a price match guarantee on our OEM parts to ensure you always pay the lowest price. When you need brand new 2005 Suzuki outboard parts the best place to be is here at