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If your boat is taking too long to get on plane the problem probably lies with your Suzuki outboard. Heavy waves and carrying a boatful of people may have a small effect on the performance of a boat, but it's the outboard doing all the work, so if the outboard isn't performing at its peak you're going to notice it. For a start it's surprising how much power an outboard can lose if it isn't serviced regularly. If the motor in your car or truck is down a few horsepower you probably wouldn't be aware of it, but on the water a down-on-power motor makes a world of difference. Losing two or three horsepower in a 25 hp outboard is costing 10% of its total power!

Even simple maintenance work like changing the spark plugs, fuel filters and engine/transmission oils can prevent your outboard losing its edge, and replacing worn or damaged mechanical parts will definitely prevent a loss of performance. specializes in carrying genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts to help you maintain your outboard in peak condition. We stock thousands of genuine OEM parts for every model of Suzuki motor from every year of manufacture, including 2009 Suzuki outboard parts. All our OEM Suzuki marine parts are heavily discounted and come with our price match guarantee. Don't sacrifice your outboard's performance; regularly service it with genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts from