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The only thing that gets your boat on plane is your Suzuki outboard. Any additional weight (passengers, gear, etc.) and the weather conditions (strong winds, chop and waves) will contribute to the time to plane but it's the outboard that is doing all the work. So if your boat is struggling to get on plane the first thing to look at is the outboard. A motor that isn't serviced regularly will definitely lose a few horsepower. It's surprising just how much difference a few simple maintenance tasks such as changing the oils and lubricants, replacing the spark plugs and checking the prop for fishing line and other tangled debris will make. These things alone could cost you a couple of horsepower which can be the difference between getting to plane on wide-open throttle, or hull-dragging through the water like a dinghy.

At we carry all the necessary basics for maintaining your outboard, including marine oils and lubes, spark plugs and fuel separator-filters, as well as the replacement mechanical parts you'll need to repair tune your motor. You'll find thousands of genuine Suzuki outboard motor parts on our website. From simple bolts and gaskets to intricate components such as a camshaft or cylinder block, we stock OEM Suzuki marine parts for all years and models of Suzuki outboard at big discount prices. With you can keep your 2010 Suzuki outboard in peak conditions and always running at its best.