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Although some Suzuki outboard models may be similar and share some common mechanical parts, no two are ever identical and there will be various parts that will only fit one particular motor. That's why it's essential you know your outboard's model number before you start buying replacement parts. If you aren't sure of your outboard's model number you can find it stamped on the identification plate that is attached to the transom clamp bracket, usually on the right hand side. Make a note of the model number then select it on our website to access the Suzuki outboard motor parts page for that exact model. Now you can stock up on replacement parts knowing that they will be a perfect fit for your motor.

Browse the components and take advantage of the huge discounts we apply to all our OEM Suzuki outboard parts that we back up with an unbeatable price match guarantee. At you know you're buying OEM Suzuki marine parts that will fit your outboard and you know you're paying the lowest possible price. What's not to like about that?