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If your boat is taking forever to get on plane the problem is more than likely your Suzuki outboard. Strong winds, waves and capacity load of passengers and gear might affect the performance of your boat, but the outboard is the thing that does all the work and if the motor isn't running at its optimum you're boat is going to struggle to get to plane. You'd be surprised how much power an outboard can lose if it isn't properly maintained. Losing just one or two horsepower from a 20 horsepower motor is costing as much as 10% of the total power, which simply won't do!

Straightforward maintenance work such as changing the engine oil, air and fuel filters and the spark plugs can be enough to keep an outboard at its best, while replacing worn or damaged mechanical parts will definitely prevent a dip in performance. specializes carries thousands of OEM Suzuki outboard motor parts to help you keep your outboard in peak condition. Just click on your outboard's model number you'll enter the OEM Suzuki marine parts page containing hundreds of OEM parts for that exact motor. Shop for 2016Suzuki outboard parts today.