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About Tohatsu Outboards

You probably didn't realize it but Tohatsu is the second largest manufacturer of outboard motors in the world. Surprised? You shouldn't be when you consider that Tohatsu produces outboard motors for commercial fishing companies, the military, marine transportation and international competition racing, not to mention the huge recreational boating market. Tohatsu manufactured all the Nissan outboard engines until Nissan withdrew from the market in 2014, and since 2011 Tohatsu has produced outboards for Evinrude. Although Tohatsu has a habit of flying under the radar when it comes to brand awareness, the numbers never lie and Tohatsu is #2 for global outboard production. On the other hand is #1 for supplying genuine Tohatsu outboard parts and accessories.

Why Choose OEM Tohatsu Outboard Parts?

The difference between OEM Tohatsu parts and aftermarket parts is the depth of engineering Tohatsu brings to the table. Every OEM Tohatsu outboard part is manufactured using the finest materials and the most precise standards. Tohatsu has been designing and manufacturing outboard motors and the spare parts to repair them for over 60 years. When Tohatsu makes an OEM part you know it'll be a seamless fit with the outboard, whereas with aftermarket parts this isn't always the case. Put it this way would you rather use parts that were manufactured by the same factory that produced your outboard, or would you rather use parts made by a third party with no connection to Tohatsu whatsoever? Yeah, you want the Tohatsu factory-made parts, which means you want OEM Tohatsu outboard parts.