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How to Find Yamaha Outboard Parts by Year

No two Yamaha outboard models are ever quite the same as each year Yamaha subtly changes and improves its motors. Some outboards may share a few common parts but many of the parts and components in an outboard will be unique to that year's model. Because of this it is essential you know your outboard's year of manufacture and model name before you start buying replacement parts for it, otherwise there's no guarantee the new parts will fit. Your Yamaha outboard's model name and year of manufacture are stamped on an identification plate that is attached to the transom clamp bracket. At the top of the plate is the outboard's model name comprised of letters and numbers. These digits indicate the outboard's basic engine type, horsepower and variant.

OEM Yamaha Outboard Parts

If there's a Yamaha outboard riffed on the back of your boat then you're the proud owner of the #1 most popular brand of marine engine. But here you are at, the #1 most trusted online source for OEM Yamaha outboard parts and accessories. This can only mean one thing: something is amiss with your outboard and you need replacement Yamaha parts to repair it and restore it to its full potential. Don't worry; we've got you covered thanks to our unsurpassed range of genuine Yamaha marine parts. You are just a click or two away from thousands of Yamaha parts for all Yamaha outboard motors manufactured each year from 1984 up until the present day.

On all Yamaha outboards manufactured before April 2005 the last letter of the model name designates the year of manufacture. You can use the Outboard Code Reference Charts on our website to determine your outboard's year from the model name. On outboards produced after April 2005 Yamaha stopped designating outboards by their year of manufacture and instead designate them by generation, starting with the letter A. New models/generations are indicated with the following letter of the alphabet between the digits indicating the horsepower and the control/tilt method. Using your outboard's year and model name you can select them on our website to access the Yamaha marine parts page for your exact outboard model.