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Maintenance and mechanical repairs can be costly and time consuming. Not so much anymore! Here at, we carry all the parts for your 1988 Yamaha outboard motor! Don't waste all that time and money dragging your boat to the shop, get the parts you need shipped to your door, save money and handle the repairs when you're ready. Most maintenance and repairs can be handled with ease without even leaving the house. We carry everything from bolts to drive shafts to air filters for your engine. We also carry the special tools needed for those more complex repairs.

Grab your Yamaha outboard's model number from the ID plate near or on the stern bracket of the motor or use the Reference Chart on this page and search our Yamaha online parts diagrams for OEM parts to fix whatever issue you're having. Select the component area and each part is labeled on the parts fiche. With our price match guarantee and free shipping on qualified orders, you can stretch your hard-earned dollars a little further all year round.

Can't find the part you need? Contact our Yamaha technicians for assistance with your order.