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You can get a long way without the parts. You can diagnose the problem, and you can get the bad parts off. Eventually though, you're going to need those new parts. At, we've got those great parts that are the missing link between you and a great running outboard. From that tiny part you'd like to replace to that big part that you need to replace before it'll run again, we've got you covered. We have thousands of 1989 Yamaha 15LF outboard parts at great prices so you don't have to shop anywhere else. Get up to 80% off MSRP along with a price match guarantee, because we won't be beaten by other authorized Yamaha parts dealers on the internet.

Our exploded diagrams are a great tool to find the parts you need and get them together. For big jobs and small jobs, the 15HP Yamaha 15LF parts you need are all here. Use our diagrams to get your parts into your cart, and keep them handy as a guide for when you go to work on your outboard. If you have questions about your order, give us a call or use our live chat and let us help. We're ready to get you the Yamaha 15LF outboard motor parts you need to do the job right.