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1999 was a simpler time and motors were easier to work on. They don't make them like they used to, bullet proof and easy mechanics you don't need a computer to fix. Best part of all is you're at the right place to get all the parts you need for your 1999 Yamaha outboard motor. You know how to fix and maintain that beast all on your own, so why not get your parts right here at With our deep discounts and free shipping on qualified orders, you can save money and get it done on your schedule. No need to haul that thing to a dealer. We'll ship directly to your door.

Start by locating the model of your 1999 Yamaha outboard and then find the component area you are working on. From there, you can search through our exploded parts diagrams and pick the parts required to service or repair your motor. Once you fill the cart and check out, your parts will arrive on your doorstep. No fuss, no muss. We even have a price match guarantee!

Can't find the part you need? Call, email or use our live Chat to speak with a member of our amazing customer service team. They will help you find your parts and place your order. We supply the parts, you supply the labor. Before you know it, you're back on the water.