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Having the right parts is the first step towards getting the job done. When you're working on a Yamaha Sterndrive motor, use genuine Yamaha sterndrive parts from We're one of the country's biggest retailers of Yamaha sterndrive parts, and we've got many of the parts you need on our shelves ready to ship to your door. We'll get you the parts you need at a great price so you can save money while you also work with OEM Yamaha marine parts.

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Click the year of your Yamaha marine engine to get started. Then select the engine, and then check out the exploded diagrams to see the parts. They are essential to find the parts, but they can also be valuable when you get ready to work on your motor. They show you how all the parts fit together, so you will be able to return your Yamaha sterndrive motor to factory spec. And if you can't find what you need, the customer service team at can help. Use the chat function here on the site or give us a call and let us lend a hand so that we can be sure to send you the correct parts for your engine.

About OEM Yamaha Sterndrive Motor Parts

Long-lasting value, ease of operation and maintenance, and fuel efficiency are just a few reasons people choose Yamaha sterndrive engines. Even today, these engines remain favorites among marine enthusiasts, and at we will help you keep that engine running for years to come. We offer deep discounts on Yamaha sterndrive parts up to 80 percent off MSRP along with fast shipping. Together, those attributes make it easy for our customers to get the OEM sterndrive Yamaha engine parts they need.