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You're not going to do any running on the waves if your WaveRunner is sidelined, dry docked, or whatever. To get things right again, you're going to need to get to work, and that means having the right parts to do the little jobs and the big jobs that keep it running. has 1993 Yamaha WaveRunner parts so you can get to work!

So here's what to do: check out our exploded diagrams to find OEM parts for your Yamaha WaveRunner. Those diagrams are key to locating the parts and they're also helpful when you go to work. And speaking of help, we've got a customer service team that can help you if you can't find what you need. Use the chat function here on the site or give us a call to get in touch. also has great deals on the OEM PWC parts you need. We sell Yamaha Wave Runner parts at between 20 and 80 percent off retail, so you're getting a great deal every time you shop. That way, you'll have a little extra cash that you can spend on other stuff, like filling up those gas cans and getting to the water. But first, let's get those parts and get to work.