VDF-LORER-YM-01 Yamaha Seascooter Explorer

Yamaha Seascooter Explorer


by Yamaha

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Yamaha Seascooter Explorer


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Yamaha Rigging Parts & Accessories Seascooter

ACCESSORIES Watersports Scooter

Yamaha VDF-LORER-YM-01 Yamaha Seascooter Explorer

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Details: The Yamaha Explorer Seascooter is an entry level model designed for younger recreational divers and snorkelers. Cruising at speeds up to 2.5mph (4km/h) with a depth rating of 30ft (10m) the Explorer is perfect for shallow dives, snorkeling adventures or chasing fish.,
    • Run up to 1 hour with normal use.
    • Speed up to 2.5 mph / 4 km/h.
    • Rated to 30 ft / 10 m.
    • Fully waterproof construction.
    • Extremely compact design, Safety features including safety grille, auto shut-off and dual trigger operation.
    • Positive buoyancy (The Seascooter is designed for use in salt water. It will have less buoyancy in fresh water, and may slowly sink in fresh bodies of water.).
    • Weight just 11.5 lbs / 5.2 kg including battery.
    • Product size: 11.77 x 11.10 x 20.5 / 299 x 282 x 520 (mm).